Stephanie is a jeweller who creates one off pieces of jewellery for discerning clients who like to own something unique. Stephanie’s earrings are distinctive, elegant and colourful, while the wedding rings she makes in conjunction with her husband Peter are true symbols of love and endurance.</p> <p>Stephanie’s husband, Peter, lorimerknives.co.nz, makes Damascus steel at his workshop, using an ancient technique that results in three metals creating a meandering and fluid isobar effect. Stephanie creates a platform for the steel, lining it with gold or silver and playing with the ratios of precious to non precious metals. The result is that each ring is utterly unique.</p> <p>Stephanie comes from a family of jewellers and developed a passion for gems and jewellery at a young age in her father’s jewellery shops. She trained and worked as a Teacher and began making and selling jewellery in 1994. Later after raising two children, a post graduate degree, living overseas and returning to a rural lifestyle in Central Otago, the main focus became jewellery again. Stephanie gained her Advanced Diamond Grading credentials from Gemmological Association of Australia in 2014 and is getting close to finishing her Graduate Gemology Diploma with the Gemological Institute of America.</p> <p>Clients are welcome to contact Stephanie through the website to discuss options for ordering your piece of Lorimer Jewellery. If a piece of work is no longer available on the website, requests to make another are welcome.</p> <p>Everything is handmade and designed by Stephanie. Every piece is crafted and unique.

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